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Fishin with Flaco III:  Let’s get it on

Fishin with Flaco III: Let’s get it on

I’ve been slackin’ It’s that time again folks…actually it was that time again weeks ago. My poles are ready, the boat’s gassed up…I’ve got musicians in waiting, and all the rooms booked up. Starting right now we are selling tickets for the Third Annual Fishing With Flaco, a music trip with some angling undertones, sponsored [...]

The Recap

I leave a few videos from our quail hunt weekend. It was awesome, and Bill and Paul were as good of guests as anyone could ask for. I refrain from a long drawn out recap…one, to the victor belong the spoils…two, I’m still pretty tired. There’s a fishin’ trip not too far away…keep your eyes [...]

The Big Winner Is…

Bill Crutcher! The hunt is next week…We’ve had a great response and were able to make a signifcant donation to Kailey and her mission. I plan on taking some video of our hunt, so stay tuned!