5 Dollar Rabbit

5 Dollar Rabbit Michael Wren - $5 Rabbit

Don’t try to understand it…just read along….

this here is the almost completely untruthful, yet very factual account of a recent trip with my good friends Luke Adair and Beau Hinze to Archer City and Wichita Falls Texas for a quail hunting and dive bar song swap extravaganza

5 dollar rabbit don’t run when its supposed to
5 dollar rabbit don’t run too slow
bird dogs and guns get the blood flowin’
bars and guitars couldn’t make us no dough

It’s 5 1/2 hours to the place where the birds are
5 1/2 hours is forever in a car
5 1/2 hours a’int nothing but a privilege
when you’re getting chauffeured ’round by a radio star

you gotta drive on the dirt to wash the pavement off the tires
got to drink a few beers to get the mind on track
be careful what you feed an East Texas coy dog
what goes in the top will come and get you from the back

A trip in a limo means a 4 wheeled drive
Won’t get lost on a back road, won’t get caught in the snow
Private club brews could make you queer for dumplin’
5 ladies in a flat bed could do the same you know

5 dollar rabbit get your rest with the wind blowin’
find you a bush and hole up real tight
on your mark, get set, earth flying as you’re goin’
shots to the left, better break for the right

poor little pointers have the cards stacked against them
it hasn’t rained in months, noses battered by the dust
they’ve gone down twice on a point that wasn’t true
but every time they freeze, they’ve still got our trust

Who knows what holds them to the last second
is it the grass or the fear that grips them so tight
You can hear their feathers shakin’ when they see Huey coming
He don’t show so often, but he sure shows right

The last 5 dollar rabbit waited for the birds to cause commotion
out of the bush once they were all flyin’
5 bucks slips away, smiles on our faces
at the end of the day if you a’int blastin’ you a’int tryin’

We should’ve stayed off the stage and stayed in the country
we would’ve stayed in the field with less moon light
just weren’t thinkin’ when we were plannin
more dogs out at day then patrons out at night

5 1/2 hours is a long way home
6 1/2 hours with the wind and the rain
God Bless America, the Storms made it perfect
You know next season we’ll do it all again

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