$5 Quail Hunt

Another Raffle?

This here’s a quick one, it starts right now (11/17) and runs until December 17th.

What’s the prize? A weekend quail hunt in a yet to be disclosed North Texas location, Jan 14th, with the $5 rabbit cast, Beau Hinze, Luke Adair, and myself…you can smell Oklahoma from this place, but don’t hold that against it! I kid. The winner and 1 guest will come in on Friday night and get ready for a Saturday hunt.

Saturday morning after breakfast we’ll follow the dogs around looking for some quail birds.

I know what your asking, and yes Huey will definitely be there.

We’ll break for lunch, maybe take a nap, have a beer, brag or poke fun at gun skills, and then head out for an afternoon hunt.

Saturday evening we’ll have a meal, and then Beau, Luke and I will break out in story and song.

A good nights sleep and then you’re headed home.

Who’s it for? My niece, Kailey, and several of her friends are taking a mission trip to Africa. This will be her third trip, but first to Africa. The other two were to Ecuador and Belize.

She shared her itinerary:

“We are leaving on May 14th and coming back June 4th. We are flying to Nairobi, where we will stay for a few days. Then we will travel to Lemoru to build a prayer center and meet with the widows. The widows in Africa have no worth because they are believed to be the reason their husbands are dead. They are not allowed to have land and they live outside the community. So we will go and meet with them and just let them know they are loved. We will also be hiking up Mt. Elgon meeting with different villages on the way. The main reason being that there is a tribe on top of the mountain that has never been reached. No one knew they were there until recently because they are nomadic. So we will be going to meet with them and just try to make a connection, that way we can become friends and go back and eventually take the gospel with us. Of course, when we think they are comfortable enough with us. After that we will be going to stay at Mattaw Children’s Village. It is ran by a couple from San Angelo and they house, feed, teach and love street children who have no one else. They have made it into a community so the children don’t feel like orphans. After that we will travel back to Nairobi for a couple of day and then head home.”

So how much is it anyway? Well, it’s $5 of course. $20 bucks will even get you 5 tickets.. what the heck.

How do I get tickets: at www.michaelwren.com

We’ll draw the lucky winner on December 17th.

Good Luck and buy some tickets!

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  1. Bill Crutcher says:

    Michael what’s your mailing address so I can send you a check? Thanks BC

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