About Michael

“Michael is a songwriter and entertainer that everyone ought to check out. He’s funny when he needs to be, sensitive and earnest when the song calls for it, and has the natural charisma to get the audience’s attention either way … a lot of folks have already figured out that he’s an indispensable part of our songwriter scene down here.” -┬áMike Ethan Messick

Michael Wren has been working the Texas Music Scene for many years as an accomplished singer/songwriter. His Americana genre mixed with a roots styling leaves audiences opening their doors and their hearts to his music.

Born and raised in Archer City, Texas Michael launched onto the scene in 2003 doing a brief stint with the “Old #6″ band. Shortly thereafter he joined up with the powerful originals group “The Texas Wettnex” as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist. Michael wrote 5 of the songs released in 2005 on the album. The title track “Leaning In” also written by Michael, made a brief appearance on the Texas Music Chart in 2006.

Late 2010 saw the release of Rien Vraiment, Michael’s first solo recording, a few Lovin’ and Leavin’ tunes, Michael’s take on livin’, and the very entertaining $5 dollar rabbit which sketchily details a weekend road trip. Tin Man Blues sits in the middle of the record, and is a very interesting idea taken from the point of view of the loveable Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. Wren closes out the Album with a powerful rendition of the Gospel standard, In the Garden.