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The Recap

I leave a few videos from our quail hunt weekend. It was awesome, and Bill and Paul were as good of guests as anyone could ask for. I refrain from a long drawn out recap…one, to the victor belong the spoils…two, I’m still pretty tired. There’s a fishin’ trip not too far away…keep your eyes [...]

The Big Winner Is…

Bill Crutcher! The hunt is next week…We’ve had a great response and were able to make a signifcant donation to Kailey and her mission. I plan on taking some video of our hunt, so stay tuned!

$5 Quail Hunt

Another Raffle? This here’s a quick one, it starts right now (11/17) and runs until December 17th. What’s the prize? A weekend quail hunt in a yet to be disclosed North Texas location, Jan 14th, with the $5 rabbit cast, Beau Hinze, Luke Adair, and myself…you can smell Oklahoma from this place, but don’t hold [...]