Liner Notes

Liner Notes


  1. Knock Knock
  2. Luke Adair:  Bass Guitar, Electric Rhythym Guitar

    Slim Bawb:  Mandolin

    Beau Hinze: Harmonica

    Casey Laird: Electric Lead Guitar

    Clay Rheinlander: Drums

    Tres Womack: Harmony Vocals

  3. Full Moon
  4. Luke Adair: Rhythym Guitar, Banjo

    Slim Bawb: Mandolin, Steel Guitar, Stomp Box

    Josh Droegemueller: Violin

    Justin Kolb: Upright Bass

    Casey Laird: Acoustic Lead Guitar

    Perry Lowe: Djembe, Harmony Vocals

  5. Top of the Hill
  6. Luke Adair: Electric Rythym Guitar

    Slim Bawb: Steel Guitar

    Justin Kolb: Bass Guitar

    Casey Laird:  Electric Lead Guitar

    Clay Rheinlander: Drums

    Tres Womack:  Harmony Vocals

  7. Easy to Leave
  8. Luke Adair:  Bass Guitar, Acoustic Rythym, Electric Guitar

    Perry Lowe:  Harmony Vocals

    Clay Rheinlander: Drums

  9. Tin Man Blues
  10. Josh Droegemueller:  Violin

  11. $5 Rabbit
  12. Luke Adair:  Harmony Vocals, Whataburger Cup

    Slim Bawb:  Mandolin

    Beau Hinze:  Harmonica

    Justin Kolb:  Upright Bass

    Casey Laird: Acoustic Lead Guitar

    Perry Lowe:  Djembe

  13. All the Beer
  14. Luke Adair:  Electric Rhythym, Harmony Vocals

    Slim Bawb:  Mandolin, Dobrough

    Casey Laird:  Acoustic Lead Guitar

    Clay Rheinlander:  Drums

    Tres Womack:  Harmony Vocals

  15. The Gay Song
  16. Luke Adair:  Bass Guitar

    Slim Bawb:  Mandolin

    Casey Laird:  Electric Guitar

    Clay Rehinlander: Drums

    Tres Womack: Harmony Vocals

  17. The Garden
  18. Luke Adair:  Mandolin, Harmony Vocals

    Slim Bawb:  Dobrough

    Josh Droegemueller:  Violin

    The Swamp Revival Choir:  Harmony Vocals

Produced by Luke Adair

Engineered and Mixed by Fred Bouchet

Recorded at The Swamp Studio PO Box 298 Cedar Creek, TX 78612

Mastered by Billy Stull – Masterpiece Mastering PO Box 2909 South Padre Island, TX 78597

Cover photo taken by Angie Wren in Archer County, Texas.  Artwork by Erica Ellis, Austin, TX

Special thanks to:  Luke Adair, Slim Bawb, Josh Droegemueller, Tres Womack, Beau Hinze, Casey Laird, Clay Rheinlander, Perry Lowe, Justin Kolb, and the Swamp Revival Choir for all their hardwork making this album come to fruition.

I would also like to thank Lauren Pearce, Liana Adair, Daniel and Cara Miller and all of Radio Free Texas, Alan Martin Sr., Junya, and Barbara Johnson of Hilltop Entertainment, Joel and Angie Hofmann and Riley’s Tavern, Lester Mickens and Double Trouble South, No Pay Dave Maisano, Bart Milam and Bruce Musick of Lone Oak Motors,  Jeff Lane, Nathan Lange, Mick and Skip, K’Cee Edwards and Mary Angel  of Rocky Creek Productions,  Erica Ellis, Uncle Clyde and of course  my beautiful wife Angie and our family.

The Swamp Revival Choir:

Kevin Gray, Murna Passailaigue, Lauren Pearce, Kellie Outlaw, Kim Droegemueller, and Beau Hinze

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