Rien Vraiment

1. Rien Vraiment

smart, cynical, deep, funny, and honestly good music Genre: Country: Americana Release Date: 2010
Liner Notes

2. Liner Notes

songs: Knock Knock Luke Adair:  Bass Guitar, Electric Rhythym Guitar Slim Bawb:  Mandolin Beau Hinze: Harmonica Casey Laird: Electric Lead Guitar Clay Rheinlander: Drums Tres Womack: Harmony Vocals Full Moon Luke Adair: Rhythym...
5 Dollar Rabbit

3. 5 Dollar Rabbit

Michael Wren - $5 Rabbit Don’t try to understand it…just read along…. this here is the almost completely untruthful, yet very factual account of a recent trip with my good friends Luke Adair and Beau Hinze to Archer City...
Third Prize?  Man, this is a good one

Third Prize? Man, this is a good one

This is too good to call third prize!!! Laura Kay Wootan from The Smile House is donating a $500 gift certificate for time at her studio…you should go over to www.thesmilehouse.com and check out some of...

2nd prize for FWFIII

2 tickets on the lower level 1st base line to a Texas Rangers game….can’t beat that!
Fishin with Flaco III:  Let’s get it on

Fishin with Flaco III: Let’s get ...

I’ve been slackin’ It’s that time again folks…actually it was that time again weeks ago. My poles are ready, the boat’s gassed up…I’ve got musicians in waiting, and...

The Recap

I leave a few videos from our quail hunt weekend. It was awesome, and Bill and Paul were as good of guests as anyone could ask for. I refrain from a long drawn out recap…one, to the victor belong the...

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About Me

about us image “Michael is a songwriter and entertainer that everyone ought to check out. He’s funny when he needs to be, sensitive and earnest when the song calls for it, and has the natural charisma to get the audience’s attention either way … a lot of folks have already figured out that he’s an indispensable part of our songwriter scene down here.” - Mike Ethan Messick

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